• Leipzig University: Campus

  • MIBRAG: Trainees on their first day of training

  • Emscher Wassertechnik: Water testing laboratory

  • RAG Mining Solutions: hydraulic mining equipment in operation

  • RAG Mining Solutions: Strip miner in operation

  • Leipzig University: Campus

  • MIBRAG: Dust suppression system

  • Emscher Wassertechnik: Digestion tower

  • RAG Mining Solutions: Coal mining equipment in operation

  • MIBRAG: New lake district around Leipzig

Project background

Vietnam like most countries with large resource potentials, has a high demand for qualified labour. Despite the large number of workforce available, there is a significant shortage in skilled workforce. In order to meet the ambitious target of becoming an industrialized nation by 2020, Vietnam needs to qualify its workforce to cope with the challenges in terms of efficient resource management, environmental management and safety standards.


Using the Vietnamese mining sector as an example, a commercially viable model of internationalising mining know-how in the form of training will be developed. On the basis of international standards and state-of-the-art German mining expertise, the Project Consortium will develop and implement hands-on training courses and consulting instruments for the sector taking into account the local culture and value systems. The model which will be designed for the target country is planned to be replicated and adjusted to other potential mining markets.

The scientific analysis of success factors and barriers in the process of knowledge transfer forms the basis for developing sustainable and customised implementation strategies in Vietnam as well as in other markets.

In addition to the scientific research in the field of exporting German systems of vocational education and training, the project will contribute to the objectives of the German Government in terms of extracting and securing commodities (“Rohstoffstrategie”).

Key activities:

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the frame conditions in Vietnam, a methodologically profound product portfolio will be developed and implemented in cooperation with the Vietnamese partners.

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